Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning in San Diego

No other item in your office or home absorbs more wear and tear on a daily basis than your carpet. Keeping you carpet clean can positively affect the appearance of your office or home. San Diego Carpet Cleaning. Carpets should be professionally cleaned every six months to a year. Not only does DryHome have the equipment and expertise to fully remove dirt and detergent, our professionals can help you eliminate moisture from carpet. People using rented equipment often leave the carpet too wet, and they do not fully remove the detergent allowing for the carpet to get dirty again, faster.

The DryHome exclusive carpet cleaning process includes:

  1. Preliminary inspection of your carpets to determine the best cleaning method

  2. Vaccuuming and pre-treating spots and stains

  3. Pre-applying the cleaning shampoo to loosen ground-in soil

  4. Rinsing your carpet using clear hot water

  5. Post-treating any residual stains

  6. Grooming carpet for efficient drying and uniform appearance

  7. Performing final inspection with you present to ensure you’re completely satisfied

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