Fire Damage Restoration

Has your home or business suffered a fire?

You might have fire damaged areas of the structure with different levels of damage. DryHome Fire Damage Restoration experts can assist you with your restoration. With some fires, you might have water damage from putting out the fire. In most cases you will have a room (loss location) with some serious fire damage which might include, burnt items, drywall which has burned through the structure and some water damage.

In other parts of the home or business you might only have some smoke damage areas (such as the upper half of the walls). In those areas, there might be some items which can be successfully restored. Some items which we usually try to restore are things that can not be replaced such as; picture frames, jewelry, heirlooms and other irreplaceable objects.

Soot and ash contain alkaline which has the same effects as acid. Alkalinity in smoke soot has the ability to do secondary damage to items when cleaned incorrectly.  If you are filing a claim, we will work on your behalf and bill your insurance.

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